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About Us

Our Mission

Divine Beauty and Wellness’s mission is to educate and offer holistic methods of healing through services and organically derived skin care products. Our intention is to leave a legacy of women will heal themselves of generational misalignment with their womb. This will provide women with the opportunity to tap into their womb energy and accomplish overall beauty and Wellness. 


My Story

A single mother raised me, and I had a dad that was there but not present. Those circumstances exposed me to a lot of suffering that I do not want my kids to endure. With having to experience those conditions, I started to wonder why. So, I began looking at my parents and why they were the type of people they were. My mother was an only child whose mom died when she was three years old that was raised by her strict grandmother and her father was never there for her. A single mom also raised my father and his five siblings, and his father wasn’t there either. The math began to add up for me at that point, my parents had passed down their traumas, and it came into my life tenfold. During my childhood, I went through traumatic experiences such as childhood rape by multiple men, poverty, and never feeling real love, support, and a sense of belonging. I always felt like an outcast or the funky dog that no one gave a damn about.


Fast forward, I went through a lot of hard times growing up. I had very low self-esteem and a lack mindset that was based upon survival. With that mindset, I dug a deeper hole for myself in life. I began smoking weed at 14, and I also had my first consensual sexual encounter. At that point, I lived in my darkest days, and I began to repeat the cycle passed down to me. I became pregnant at the age of 17 by a man that I barely even knew, and by the time my daughter was born, I found out he was a 30-year-old with nothing going from himself, and it was a great chance that he would never be the father figure my daughter needed in her life.


Once I became a mother, I felt so empty on the inside, and from what life had taught me, I thought I would feel the exact opposite. I was a single mom, and all I ever knew from those experiences was anger, pain, and struggle with no love attached.


I am now a mother of five, four girls and my baby boy Is the last. My anchor in life is to not pass down the generational trauma that was given to me and probably existed well before it reached my parents. That trauma has mentally, physically, and emotionally hindered the success of my family. That disconnect has exposed a broken legacy that I feel most people in my culture can relate to.


After much healing which is a journey that has no ending, I’ve decided to build a company designed to help women especially single mothers began their journey of healing their generational traumas. Most mothers find it difficult to find time and do the work needed to show up as their best self for their children.


My products and services intend to aid in the healing of the full body, mind, and soul as one piece to fix underlying causes of disease and improve overall health. To ensure that our children can reach their highest protentional and for generations to come.

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