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Thank you for choosing Divine Beauty and Wellness LLC. for your holistic Womb Wellness services and products. To facilitate your services and products, it is important that you read and understand the following conditions:


Divine Beauty and Wellness LLC. its constituents do not diagnose, treat, cure, claim to cure, or prevent any disease. We are NOT physicians and therefore do not diagnose or treat disease or prescribe drugs.


As a Holistic Health Care Provider, our Holistic Health Services are solely for the purpose of helping to attain and maintain optimum health. At all times your healing is your responsibility. It is our belief that when given the proper nutrition, and nourishment mentally, physically and spiritually, the body can heal itself. Services provided through Divine Beauty and Wellness LLC. not to be substituted for a physician's advice. Divine Beauty and Wellness LLC. services are complimentary holistic healing alternatives are supplemental and are completely elective.


All personal data collected by Divine Beauty and Wellness is kept most safely with the help of advanced technology. The data is used for the customer to have the best shopping experience, starting with tailoring the promotions and creating future products for the store. 

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